Helping mums become stronger, more energised and find their balance, from the inside out!

My mission is to create a friendly, supportive and fun community of mums who are passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. I understand that women don’t just want to lose weight; they want to feel energetic, connected, in love with their bodies and a role model for their children.

At PH Mums, I am all about empowering you to create a sustainable healthy way of living so that you can take the best care of the people you love. We focus not only on safe and effective exercise, but on creating a positive mindset and really developing the tools you need to find strength, balance and to love your life.

If you would like to:

– Rebuild from the inside out
– Work with a MumSafeTM Trainer
– Increase your understanding and awareness of pelvic floor and deep core
– Train safely throughout all stages of your post natal journey
– Work with your fitness level
– Boost your energy, mental and physical health
– Workout with like minded community of strong mums who are welcoming and motivating
– Train within a baby/child friendly environment

Trial weeks 10th Jan – 28th Jan

Trial class $10


Can I Bring my children?
Yes! Children of all ages are welcome. We do not have a nanny service, however your children can be in the pram next to you or on the rugs by your side. For not so little children there is a play park next to where we train and lots of space to run around.

What do I need to bring?
Please bring with you a mat, and a drink bottle. There is a bubbler at the park to stay hydrated should you forget. Also don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses for those sunny days. Some snacks for the little ones are also a good idea.

Do I need to see a women’s health physio before starting?
It’s recommended that you see a women’s health physio within 6 weeks of starting your training with us, especially if you experience leakage, a heaviness down through your pelvis or vagina, postural issues or abdominal separation. It’s not compulsory, but it is my job to make sure you are training at the right level for you and that you’re looked after as best as possible throughout your fitness journey, therefore I encourage all mums to make at least one appointment with a women’s health physio.

I’ve recently had a baby, can I train with Perfitt Health Mums?
I strongly recommend that you have your 6 week post natal check up with your GP or obstetrician along with a women’s health physiotherapy appointment before coming to any Mums classes.

Please note, your 6 week post natal check up should not be considered the green light to go ahead and return to the type of exercise you were undertaking before or during pregnancy. We recommend booking an appointment with a women’s health physio as well as attending your 6 week post natal follow up. PH Mums is all about helping women get stronger from the inside first before building strength on the outside.

My children are school aged, can I still train with Strong Mums?
Absolutely! It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your children we can still get you fitter, stronger and healthier safely at PH Mums. Whether it’s been 6 weeks or 6 years since having your baby you’ll always be post natal. Having a baby has a huge impact on your body and sometimes pelvic floor dysfunction or musculoskeletal issues don’t just fix themselves over time. It takes specific exercises and training to regain strength, tone and full function. The good news is that it’s never too late to start!

How do I get started?
You can try out a PH Mums class for $10 with no obligation to join. Book your free trial here.

Want to know more about Mums classes?

Book a consult below and we can discuss if its a good fit for you!


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